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online marketing success from failure

Have you been feeling down recently?

That pit in your stomach that won’t seem to go away.

The late nights longing for something.. something great.. something new.

You aren’t alone, I’ve spent many late nights in my bed thinking-sometimes about why I haven’t become a millionaire yet, other times about what I really want to get out of this marketing game. Am I spending hundreds of hours working online just to make money?

Is the online marketing world emotionless?

Well, I think after going through this endless circle of failure one too many times, I’ve figured it out. It typically goes self-pity -> questioning every risky move I make -> rejecting any of the successful ventures I’ve made.

  1. The first step started right when I entered the internet marketing world. From that first week I started seeing opportunities.. missed opportunities. Where would I be if I had started that website 10 years ago? How much money would I be making if I had come up with the idea for website X?
  2. Then when I actually started putting myself out there, and consequently starting bringing in money, I began building this unnatural fear of something. I couldn’t figure out why I was increasingly unhappy when it came to making money. When I made my first $5 online I was stoked! But then it quickly turned into a negative attitude because I was making just $5.. and then same happened with my first $100 online, then my first $1,000.
  3. This is the end of the spectrum, where you ether give up on your great ideas, or you fight forward and start to see the real profits. Unfortunately for a long time I was throwing away serious money just because I was afraid of failing.

In fact… I think most students/younger entrepreneurs that have limited budgets are really hurting themselves in the long-run by not taking chances. It’s true, the barriers that society puts in front of teenagers that want to make money online is incredible.

Want to know the weirdest revelation I had.. out of all my problems/fears/set-backs?

A fear of success.

Yup. After all of my minor failures and successes, the main problem I had, (the one that was really holding me back), was a fear that my next step might actually work out.

The fact that I might actually score big on my next risky move made me freeze (mentally).

Think of it this way: Have you ever been running towards an empty goal in a super-important soccer game where you know you have the skills to pocket that tiny ball into the huge, empty goal, but right as you go to kick the ball in and ensure victory for your team you trip.

The possibility of success is so much scarier than failure because its the opposite of what we expect. Everyone expects to fail.. after years of testing and constant failures I started becoming successful and it came out of nowhere. It knocked me off guard.

I spent a week deciding whether or not to spend $20 on that ad which turned into $1,500+. Yeah.. what if I had given into my fears and chose not to pursue that idea.

But then again it brought me onto my next realization.. the real path to success always comes from failure.

Sure some people win the lottery, and others are born into millions.. but what is the point of considering then when we are talking about creating your own wealth?

More power to them.. but people who are literally given their money without any investment/risk/work isn’t really relevant here.

Here’s my proposition to you: (And I guarantee your success if you embrace it.. all I can say is it worked for me).

  • The next time you make a mistake, lose a bet, or give up potential earnings – Brush it off, take a look at your errors, and then move on. Once you have learned from your mistakes there’s no reason to dwell over them. It will only hinder your future performance.
  • The next time you are close to success. It doesn’t matter what niche, what method, or how much money is on the line. If you aren’t used to succeeding, take a step back, ask one of your mentors or buddies to give you a logical (unemotional and unbiased) view on your work, and then continue onward with that in your mind.

It’s important to not let your failures hold you back.. but it’s almost extremely imperative that you don’t let potential success overcome your thoughts and hinder your forward movement.

These tips are relevant for online marketing, sure, but they are actually helpful in each and every part of life if you can put them into action.

Have you have gone through a similar experience? Let me know in the comments, oh, and if you enjoyed this post you better smash that ‘like’ button right into your computer screen!


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