Making Money Online In 2014: A New Year’s Resolution

2014 business new years resolution

After the new year’s celebrations have died down, there comes a time when we all think about the past and the future.

For some people, weight loss will be on their mind — for others, that might be financial problems, love, or their career. But for the most part, we all take a few minutes to think about where we are… and where we’d like to be.

For me, often times the main topic on my mind is growing my business assets, and how I’m going to make more money online in 2014 than I did this year. (Obviously, that’s not my #1 priority in life, but that’s what we’re going to talk about today.)

So first, let’s recap what I’ve accomplished this year in business:

  • Worked with a small business on their digital marketing
  • Grew PageRankWorld to around 5,500 monthly pageviews
  • Started a website content business (Oct. 2nd) bringing in $400+ profit/month already
  • Tested out a TON of ideas (some profitable, some failures)

So am I happy with what I’ve done this year? Well… I don’t know.

I made a bunch of money through consulting, helping you guys out with website reviews, my affiliate marketing, and my new content business looks really promising.

On the other hand — I started my first semester of college (and didn’t fail out), I moved to a completely new state, and I left all my friends and family behind for a few months.

Obviously this has been a huge change for me, and I expected to get a bit behind on my internet marketing work. But I didn’t realize just how much time school/friends/life would take up. After a ton of thinking, here’s what I’ve realized:

Growth In Business + Life

I’m happy that I’ve seen a ton of growth in my business this year — but I wish that I had done twice as much work and pushed myself twice as hard.

make money online 2014

A lot of people in the entrepreneurship and business world talk about living a life where you don’t have a job. Or rather, you are your own boss. See, that’s the pinnacle of a “successful” entrepreneur, right? Someone who doesn’t take orders from one step above them in the corporate ladder.

Here’s the deal, I know for a fact, that if I don’t put together an online empire that I can live off in the next ~3.5 years, then I’ll be forced to jump into the “real world.”

Honestly, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing — but for someone who is driven by the thought of financial independence and living an awesome life, wasting time + energy does not make me happy. It bothers me that I know I waste maybe 50% of my day on meaningless stuff like reading forums, blogs, emailing people, watching netflix/youtube, etc.

Yeah I made a bunch of money, and I have way more spare cash lying around than the majority of my friends at school, but that’s not enough. Maybe it would have been fine if I was still in high school — doing online marketing for “video game money” but my goals have changed.

And I guess, after this really long-winded post that maybe should be a lot shorter… that’s what I realized.

In 2014 My Money/Business/Life Goals Have Intertwined

Like I just said, I’m not in the internet marketing business as a hobby anymore. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t something I do “on the side,” and this can’t be something I only put 50% of my effort into.

money growth chart

Now — I’m not even thinking about quitting college right now… that would be stupid for a bunch of different reasons. (The main being I would give up on a ton of opportunities and personal development is a big deal to me.) But I am saying, that my business new years resolution for 2014 is to take my online assets seriously, and to focus 100% of my spare time on growing my income.

  1. No Excuses
  2. No Slacking Off
  3. 100% Business Driven Mindset

I feel pretty confidently that if I follow these three mantras — I will be in a monumentally different place next december.

Hopefully I’ll be writing next year’s edition of this post with a successful year of business and life growth during 2014.

Why’d I Write This Post

To be 100% honest, this post was more for me than it was for you. I have a pretty crazy mind, and I find it super hard to stay on task/keep my priorities straight, and I’ve found that by posting some of my goals on PageRankWorld, it keeps me in check.

But here’s what I do want to say to you — Thanks for coming along the ride.

For anyone that’s connected with me over the past year, whether that’s through email, social media, commenting on my posts, or if you’re one of my business mentors… thank you. There’s honestly no way I could do this myself.


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Reader Insight

  1. Good luck… here’s to a successful 2014! What’s the “website content business”, writing articles? I failed high school so got a 9 to 5 and it’s really not good (it’s good for a 9 to 5) so don’t let yourself do that! Especially if it’s a desk job where you’re staring at a screen for 8 hours, it’s difficult to then go home and do your IM stuff. Good luck!

    • Hey Lozza,

      Yeah — I haven’t really revealed it on PRW yet.. But I came up with this idea that there was a low-end market for website content (for SEO’s and marketers, the $5 articles on Fiverr) and a high-end market (targeted at professional websites like, or, or… but no mid-range market (for serious websites that are earning money and need writers.. but need great content without the $100+ price range of a real writer).

      Anyway, I decided to target the midrange, and I’ve been marketing my services on internet marketing forums like blackhatworld, and a few others… and I’ve seen some great ROI already. Turns out people loved my content, and are totally willing to pay what I’m asking for.

      So basically, I’ve validated my concept (which I only launched back in October of this year) and started making a few hundred a month in profit. So now I’m going to grow and transition that into a real business and try to advertise and market it a lot more. (Right now I don’t even have a website, just a forum thread in the “buy sell trade” section of marketing forums, linking to a Wufoo form that collects order info and payment).

      Basically right now it is just “articles” (but quality stuff, keyword research, html formatting, optimized for SEO and conversions). But I’m looking to package it into a monthly blog marketing package that I could sell to small businesses (to save them the time and money it would take to do their blog marketing in house).

      Yeah for sure — I’m definitely going to continue with college. That’s really my backup plan if I can’t get a super profitable business going before I graduate.

      Thanks, good luck to you too!

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