Get Shit Done – The $5,000 Philosophy

There’s so much fluff online. So many people trying to take advantage of newcomers in the internet marketing space, (I’m talking to you – WarriorForum) and frankly it shouldn’t be this hard to get started.

Today I’m going to share with you some really important ideas that will change your life. (If you act on what you are about to read.)

The way I see it, there are three things standing in the way of your online marketing success. Hint: It’s not traffic, software, or information like 99% of “internet marketers” will tell you. The three problems standing in your way are “make money online” marketers, time, and a lack of perseverance (on your part).

Hopefully after reading this post today, some of you will learn how to get around all three of these problems. I guarantee that if you take my advice to heart, and start “getting shit done” you will find success in a matter of weeks, if not days.

You know what else I guarantee? That 95% of you will continue on the never-ending path to failure, even though I’m providing 100% of the practical advice you need to get started making money online… right here, right now.

The Three Pillars of Internet Marketing Failure

Barrier Number 1: “Make Money Online” Marketers

Making money online isn’t hard… the barriers of entry come from other more established marketers trying to sell information products specifically targeted at people new to the field.

First, let’s examine why this is such a ripe niche for other marketers. Most of the people looking to start making money online are desperate and inexperienced… two of the most emotional and therefore valuable traits for a potential market.

It’s the same reason why fitness products sell so well. (People are desperate for the knowledge/products/services)

You don’t NEED any of that. There is more than enough free information online to get you started. Want to jump right in? Learn how to start a blog, or how to make money from fiverr. Frankly you don’t even need those, just come up with a strategy for building anything of value online… and then just do it!

In all honesty, there are a hundred different ways you could start making money online… right this second, and you already know them.

Here are five ideas right off the top of my head:

  1. Sell articles to other bloggers – Can’t figure out how to make the sale? Post your writing experience on places like Reddit, Internet Marketing Forums, or directly market yourself to blog owners. This is an evergreen niche, and a perfect way to make some start-up capital if you are afraid of risking any money in an online venture.
  2. Start a blog about something you are passionate about – There are barely any costs associated with this, yeah you have to pay for hosting/a domain name… but come on, that’s barely $20 for the first few months. Don’t worry – as long as you create something of value to a reader, the money and traffic will come.
  3. Go on Fiverr and market yourself - This one is so simple, yet so many people shy away from it. Everyone has a marketable trait, maybe its graphic design, copywriting, voice overs or video creation… just do it. Start marketing your valuable skills, and at least that will get you on the path to making some money.
  4. Youtube + CPA/PPD - Start a youtube channel, about pretty much any niche, and offer informative or entertaining videos and link to either CPA or PPD offers for relevant products/services. If you are doing this long-term you could pre-sell your upcoming website by collecting your viewers emails – build a list even before you have a website.
  5. Be creative - Seriously, the people that get shit done are the ones that think outside the box, take risks, and add value to their subscribers lives. Stop reading blogs/watching videos… get out there and DO something. Come back for help, if you really need it.

If you are going to spend time reading internet marketing blogs, then at least get something out of it, rather than just being scammed by ‘gurus.’

Two of my favorite (and most trusted) sources for online marketing advice are MatthewWoodward for everything SEO, and Viperchill for general affiliate marketing. Notice how they follow the “getting shit done” philosophy, by providing huge value to their readers while still making a large sum of money in return. In their case, its a win/win for everyone.

Barrier Number 2: A Lack of Time

Unfortunately, this is really the only true excuse anyone should have. If you are working hard at a 9-5 to provide for your family, and you don’t have the time to devote to internet marketing, then don’t. Its just not worth it at this time, wait until you have more free time, or just squeeze in a few hours of work each week in your free time.

The small possibility of hitting it big with a website/app/software in a few quick weeks is absolutely NOT worth the risk of losing your full-time income. (Not to mention its almost impossible to be that successful in such a short period of time.)

Just take it slow, and instead of watching netflix for two hours each night, give yourself an hour of 100% work where you can focus entirely on an internet marketing venture. Just make sure you don’t take too much relaxation/fun out of your life, or you will find yourself being less and less productive.

Oh yeah, if you were wondering why I called this the “$5,000 philosophy” its because each and every single time I made a push with my online venture, I profited (to the tune of $5,000, since I actively started following this philosophy)… and each time I got lazy, I failed, lost my passive income streams, and just generally started becoming unhappy.

Barrier Number 3: A Lack of Perseverance

If you consider yourself lazy, the unfortunate truth is that you will never get anywhere (meaningful) in internet marketing, or any type of entrepreneurship for that matter.

The “internet marketing lifestyle,” that so many people preach, doesn’t come until you have found a significant amount of success online. That might mean one, two, or ten years depending on how quickly you find success. But up until that point when you have a serious amount of value already created, you have to work your ass off for each and every dollar.

This is currently my biggest problem. I’ve got successful ideas that I have validated, and yet I find myself slacking off much of my free time. This isn’t to say you can’t take some time off from work, you should in order to keep a solid work/life balance, but I spend way too much time reading other internet marketing blogs/talking with people on skype.

On top of that, I get annoyed at myself for this (because I realize just how much time I have lost due to procrastination) which then causes me to be even less productive.

I want you to notice one other thing – the people who are consistently successful online/offline, in business and life in general, are the ones who take action. The people who take risks, start movements, and design their own lifestyle through aggressive effort, are the one’s who ultimately lead the crowd.

From this moment forward, I am inviting you to join me in the PageRankWorld philosophy of “getting shit done.”

If you want to join in on this movement here’s what you have to promise:

  • No more wasting time on forums, on skype, on netflix…
  • No more being afraid of taking risks
  • No more passiveness - inaction is the only consistently wrong choice in entrepreneurship

Let’s make an online business based on providing value to our readers. Forget about marketing, just make something AWESOME, and I promise you, people will see the value and pay you for your efforts.

Be careful, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make money off of your work. This means you should provide so much inherent value, in everything you offer to your customers, that they have no choice but to purchase your product because of how valuable it is.

In it’s simplest form, offer your potential customers more value than you are asking from them in return.

Follow this philosophy when you attempt to make money online, and nothing will stop you.

Now, if that doesn’t inspire you to take action, then nothing will. In the comments section below, tell me how YOU are going to take action and design your own lifestyle.


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Reader Insight

  1. Gregory Hall says:

    Hi Brandon,
    I am new to online marketing. You are on point my man. Especially when you talk about more advanced marketers selling their stuff. I find myself looking at other peoples stuff and before I know it the time has slipped away. And thanks for your insight. I will be more productive by consistently working more in my own business by adding better value.

    • Hey Gregory,

      Thanks for the comment. (For some reason it got caught in the spam filter but I cleared it).

      Yeah, this has really been a point of annoyance for me, because there is more than enough money to be made in the world of internet marketing… without having to scam people.

      Give it some hard work and you’ll be earning in no time!

  2. What a true and inspiring post! I will be reading more of your blog, love your way of thinking ;)

  3. Hi Brandon,

    Found your site through a link on technorati,and like what you are saying here. Nice to see some honesty being shared online rather then bullshit that seems so prevalent. I hope your site like a few others I know gain some traction so newbies can read that internet marketing is not easy work. It takes hard work to make enough money to pay your bills, but if you do the work the money does come. This type of work is not for the lazy non motivated person.


    • Hey Dwight,

      Thanks for your thoughts – I totally agree (and you can see that). Would love for PRW to gain some more traction, haha, but in due time I think it will.



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